Breaking the psychic cord- a spell.

Breaking the psychic cord- a spell.

I've seen it mentioned several times that people are bound by a psychic cord to their N.
This is a spell I have used personally and found it most helpful.
Please let me know how you feel the day after you cast your spell.

This spell can be done more than once.

* a strong visual image of the link between you and the other person.
* a cleansing incense (such as frankincense, copal or Rosemary)

your image must be one that you feel you can relate to fully. Perhaps the easiest to see is in the form of a rope joining the two of you together.
You might see the image as a rigid bar, which would suggest that there is an inflexibility in the relationship between you which may require you to deal with the expectations of others.

The incense is used to create an environment which is free from other influences; this is just between you and your perception of the link you have with the other person.

Light your incense and sit quietly, carefully considering the link between you. Become aware of the flow of energy between you and gently withdraw your own energy, seeing it returning to you and being used for your own purposes rather than the other persons.
(this may be enough to bring about a change in your relationship which has a satisfactory outcome for you).

Next think carefully about how the other person makes calls on your time and energy-whether these are physical or emotional or spiritual.
Resolve that you will either not allow this to happen or will be more careful and sparing in your responses.

You might develop a symbol for yourself which you can use when you feel you are being sucked in. Preferably use one which amuses you, since laughter is a potent tool.

If you decide that you no longer wish to be associated with the person, use a technique which signifies breaking the link. It will depend upon your own personality and that of the other person as to how you do this.
Visualizing the link simply being cut may bring about a more powerful ending with tears and recriminations, whereas a gentle teasing out of the link may be slower but less painful.

It is here that you must trust your own judgement with the thought that it must be done for the greater good. If therefore you feel that at least some links must be left in place you can do this, for instance if you would wish to know when the other person is in trouble.

Finally see yourself walking away from the person, free of any bonds between you.
Always ensure that you leave them with a blessing for their continuing health, wealth and happiness.
Now you will only only become involved with them at your own wish.

You can see from the above at that all points you have a choice for your course of action. This is because each stage must be considered very carefully, and not done in anger. You must remain as disspassionate as you can and always remain true to your own principles.

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I cast the spell

I adapted the spell as you suggested. I followed the stages. I felt very peaceful and totally immersed in the meditation whilst I did this. I visualised the cord as a necklace with one end around my neck and the other in his hand. I did this because the first time we had sex when I was young, he undressed me but told me to keep my necklace on. When we reconnected, 25 years later, that was my stongest memory. It became a strong symbol of his dominance and my trust.
In the spell I visualised unpeeling his fingers one by one from the necklace and pulling my end over my head so that it rested loosely in my hands. To end the cycle, I then pictured breaking the necklace and watching the pearls free-rolling to the floor. I kept three back- apology, serious illness and death.
It has made me feel lighter and stonger. I liked that image of unpeeling his hands and when I pictured myself walking away it was in a bright dress, jewellery-free with a swing of my hair. I didn't turn round.
I am 18 months NC on July 2nd- hoping this is the end.

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bitter sweet


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Dear Used

I'm sorry if this upset you. I am desperately trying to free myself and I hope that, very soon, you will be free too.

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bitter sweet

You wrote it so touchingly...i thankyou for your kindness...i am free as i will ever be.... but i dont want to ever forget...xxxx

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I believe this to be true

Thanks Littleone,

I have seen great results with cord cutting. You can go to a professional or there are some great tools for doing this online. Just look it up. There are Christian methods, new age, psychological, ect... Whatever resonates best for you will work.

Everytime you share you body with another a psychic cord is created. This is why we carry around so much baggage. Back in the day, we only slept with our husbands or maybe the occasional other. Now is is not uncommon for men and woman to have slept with many and particularly for woman, a cord is formed everytime you do this, because traditionally when we share our bodies there is a spiritual soul tie which we feel and we create, and the cord is especially strong when it is with an unhealthy PD and there is so much confusion (cog. diss.) after the encounter. It is only natural that the the psychic cord is going to be stronger and more stubborn to break.

This is why a ceremony is often benefitial in breaking this unnatural unhealthy tie. We can do all the work, however, if we are still bonded to them psychicly, the detatchment, NC, and moving on can become extremely difficult.

God bless,

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Thank you Littleone - I'll be

Thank you Littleone - I'll be trying it this weekend as soon as I can locate some incense.

I think I've only had one episode in the last week or so since I've been reassuring myself before I fall asleep that all is well and that I'm safe.

I appreciate your taking the time to post this and I'll let you know how it goes :-)

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Thanks for posting this and for including lots of helpful suggestions for adapting your spell. I've been doing yoga and meditation so it feels like a natural progression. Can't wait to try this now!

My acupuncturist was on a similar wavelength when she suggested buying a balloon and writing his name on it and watching it go...but I think your spell is more empowering.

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I'd pop that balloon!

It would be more fun to put his face on the balloon and throw darts at it!

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LOL- I resisted the balloon

LOL- I resisted the balloon idea because knowing my luck it would wing itself right to him !