The Romantic Sociopath

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my ex. He did manage five years with one woman though. But she was very tolerant, he was her first partner, and her mother also adored him, still does to this day!

She became like his surrogate mother, but it was also an emotional affair.

He cannot be alone, and hated most of his exes. Now I guess I'm part of that list ;)

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Hit and Run

Yep! I should have gotten a police report! His face belongs on the evening news.

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YEP!!-thats him!

Like a monkey that swing from limbs to limbs-ususlly that of a unsuspecting female!

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A Perfect Description of my EXbf Sociopath

Yep! He made all the right moves, I was too bedazzled by his huge bright smile and all that ROMANCE. From now on anyone who is this CHARMING and 'suspect' for really being a Romantic Sociopath.

I added a link for a good video by Carrie Underwood for those of you who haven't seen it, about the 'Cowboy Casanova'...warning women about this type of dangerous pathological man.

Just feel like it should be my theme song :-) HAHA

Hope it gives you a little smile. We who find ourselves on this website have been through alot of hurt, sometimes it is good to be a bit lighthearted.

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Indeed! Anyone who is

Indeed! Anyone who is charming/romantic is suspect. The FIRST time they do something out of line with the nicey nice image they try to portray....they will be kicked to the curb.

thanks for the video link. so true and made me smile too:)

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charm equals red flag

I have found myself actually relieved that the guy I'll be going on a date with soon is NOT overly charming on the phone and HAS NOT swept me off my feet and made me think we're soul mates after one conversation! Those things are now red flags in my book...

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Sometimes he would go out of his way give the appearance of being vulnerable and he would sometimes admit to 'minor' mistakes. He was oh so CHARMING...even when he tried to appear not so charming...because he knows that superficial charm is a red flag. He studied thigs like how to seduce a woman and how to get anyone to love you...etc. He is such a master deceiver, and so amazingly manipulative that he will have you thinking all the problems are because of YOU in no time at all...

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The girlfriend.....

Of course yhey would admit sometimes flaws and mistake,they have to look human....My did too so you think that somebody is being open and honest with you...But dont forget they only give what they want to give,just enough to get us into the booby trap...Once you are in you know is dangerous to stay but also to leave....But after sometime wetake the risk and just run for our lives....

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the romantic sociopath


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swept off your feet?


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this sounds like so many of these creeps!

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Moving in quickly, not

Moving in quickly, not bringing anything with them to the relationship, no real friendships, fitting right into your life, ...good red flags here.

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thats exactly him

That is exactly my ex..........why does he fit with the narcissism, anti social disorder anything else.

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The Romantic Sociopath


The truth will set you free... but first it will piss you off - Gloria Steinem

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great link

I have sometimes wondered if my ex was actually an N and after reading this post I definitely know he for sure was a romantic sociopath. He moved in every weekend right away and brought nothing with him but beer for himself. I provided all the food and cooked for him all weekend. He doesn't have a single male friend. He was like a lost puppy dog just hanging around and in my face all the time.
Everyone comments on how their Ns would cry about things,,,,,,,I NEVER EVER saw my exN cry. WHy is that?

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Ns have NO FEELINGS other

Ns have NO FEELINGS other than rage

the ones who cry? have learned it because it works on their victims... er girlfriends


The truth will set you free... but first it will piss you off - Gloria Steinem

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I would never

I would never believe or listen to some N or anyone go on about the other women in their life. I was there about 25 years ago when my exH left me for another woman and I remember her having the nerve and commenting to me once that I was not the best wife to him because of all the lies and deceipt he threw at her about me. I remember how decieved I felt too when she said this to me. And none of it was true. He was my first love and I would have done anything for him. I realize now that he was probly an N too.
I know I was in a relationship with an N recently but I would not fall for his comments on any of his exes and I would tell him I didn't want to hear any of that S@@@T because I have been there before. I too have been the OW a few times and probly not spoken too highly of. It is a sour grapes type of thing for them. They NEED to speak illy of you to get others support for themselves and make us feel sorry for them. Well I just won't go there.
The more you give these Ns the more they take.

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that must be why after they

that must be why after they have there cry and have got what they wanted (to make u feel guilty or sorry for them)....they then turn cool/distant again.

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my ex n could sob like he was dying,but,turn them off and get cold as ice in a flash.Never saw anything like that=a great actor,and,classic sociopath-not romantic but faking it,and,it was obviously faked.he has said to me-i had to do things with you i never liked!Now,what could that be,as,i never did anything much at all-it was all about his little whims.I guess anything he had to do for me he didnt want to.

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I have three recollections of the N crying. All 3 events involved me ending the relationship. All had him begging me to stay. All had him telling me about the horrible damage I would do to him and, later, the family, by ending the farce.

While writing this I recalled how dramatic he was and the moaning and gasping for air. No tears. Rather pathetic. I fell for it, especially when he advised how I would destroy the family. I couldn't see that staying was going to destroy the family as well.

Gawd, the sound of his fake gasps and fake sobs are ringing in my ears at the moment. And I can't help but laugh at his play acting.